Project Objectives and Expected Benefits

Problem-solving, systematic thinking, creativity

Computational thinking

Business education alignment

Skill development

Software development careers

Employment opportunities at Grit consultant

About The Project


This project focuses on teaching basic IT skills, both technical and soft skills, from the ground up. The goal is for participants to progress to the point where they can work as developers. The curriculum aims to develop beginners into professionals who can pursue careers as programmers, testers, software analysts, system administrators, or even influencers.

Grit Consultant Company Limited,

established in 2012, specializes in technology and develops consulting courses driven by passion for learning. The company provides educational services to both government and private sectors, promoting learning and research for organizational development in innovative ways. Grit Consultant also develops software, hardware, and applications, and operates in the gaming industry to meet customer needs, considering their break-even points. They focus on creating suitable technology and information for organizational growth, emphasizing the importance of human resources alongside technological advancements. As a result, the YOUNG GRIT PROGRAM GAMER TO DEVELOPER project was created, transforming gamers into developers.

Join Young GRIT Program Gamer to Developer

and transform your passion into a profession. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!